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What LED Lights Are Suitable For The Workshop?
- Dec 31, 2018 -

Different LED lamps are used in different places. Most domestic LED factories use LED high-altitude lamps due to installation conditions and lighting requirements.

In the national lighting standards, the illumination requirements of different workshops or workshops are also different. When the height of the workshop is high, the uniformity and strength of the LED industrial and mining lamps are different. Usually, according to the overall area of the workshop, the lamps are directly in the lamps. The installation span determines the power of the LED fixtures used.

LED industrial and mining lamps are used more and more widely. Many large factory workshops have gradually replaced ordinary energy-saving lamps with LED industrial and mining lamps. Although LED industrial and mining lamps are much more expensive than energy-saving lamps, due to the many advantages of LED industrial and mining lamps, the price is slightly higher. Become the first choice for many workshops.