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What Is The Difference Between Installing LED Floodlights And Fluorescent Lamps?
- Dec 28, 2018 -

Compared with fluorescent lamps, LED floodlights have higher quality requirements, longer life, and can be installed outdoors, with certain decorative effects and greater light intensity. LED floodlights, also known as spotlights, can be aimed at any place, except for garages, indoor sports fields, tunnel lights, and outdoor lighting, such as parks, overpasses, and outdoor stadium lights. LED floodlights have certain waterproof and dustproof functional requirements, that is, IP protection grade. The most obvious difference from fluorescent lamps is that floodlights are generally used in places where large-area lighting is required, and where lighting and quality requirements are higher.

The daylight lighting line is soft and is generally used indoors, such as schools, office areas, aisles, supermarkets, etc. It is also suitable for installation in garages and other places, and is rarely installed outdoors. Fluorescent lamps, etc. are commonly used and common lighting fixtures. The light is not glare, unlike some lamps such as LED street lamps. If you look up the LED street lights on the highway, it is more dazzling. This is because the LED street lamps installed on the highway have higher power. For many reasons, the light is more dazzling, and the small street lights installed on the pavement, the light is generally softer, not like the street lights on the highway. Fluorescent lamps are the same. When buying fluorescent lamps, consider the beauty, high brightness, and price. Pay extra attention to whether this fluorescent lamp is harmful to the human eye.