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There Are Four Key Points In The Design Of Indoor Lighting
- Dec 14, 2018 -

1) Installability

    Of course, it is a safety issue in indoor places. Wire lines, switches, lighting distribution, and leakage devices must be reliably and safely tested in accordance with national standards.

2) Functionality

    Mainly depending on the characteristics of the building, if it is a library building, the indoor illumination should be kept in the range of 150-250lx, not lower than the standard. However, in other places of entertainment, gymnasiums, etc., it is necessary to purchase LED lights and lighting designs in a practical environment.

3) Artistic

    Artistic lightness refers to the sense of art. The use of external characteristic buildings, the use of different lighting techniques and the color matching of lamps, gives a variety of psychological effects to the impact of the perspective.

4) Economics

    It has been less invested and has a larger ideal lighting effect, which is the focus of economics.