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The Three Key Factors Of LED Illumination Lighting
- Jan 29, 2018 -

In the future good situation, LED lighting to really develop, we must work on three major elements, respectively, to enhance the LED chip light-emitting efficiency, enhanced white LED patent layout and speed up the development of LED lighting standards.

In the promotion of LED chip light-emitting efficiency, the current mainland chip manufacturing technology is still significantly behind international manufacturers, the use of the LED chip source to foreign-oriented. Strengthen led upstream industry, mainly chip manufacturing.

China's current export of lighting lamps is ranked second in the world, if the future sales led to other countries, will face patent problems, and the current domestic number of effective patents also to foreign manufacturers, whether inward or outward development, in obtaining white LED patents are the future need to strengthen the project.

To speed up the development of LED lighting standards, LED lighting quality is uneven and led to the implementation of poor performance, so accelerate the implementation of LED lighting standards, with a view to future quality and stable LED lighting products.

LED lighting This good industry, these constraints to improve the good, the future must have a better development.