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The Quality Of Road Lighting Is Mainly Reflected In Four Aspects
- Dec 01, 2018 -

The quality of road lighting is mainly reflected in four aspects.

1, brightness level

The average brightness of the road has different brightness requirements according to the road grade. Generally, fast roads and main road asphalt roads require brightness requirements of 2 cd/m2 or more. Secondary trunk roads and auxiliary roads or residential roads are relatively low. For details, refer to the current road lighting design specifications.

2, the average illumination

The average illuminance refers to the average value of all illuminances on the road surface and is the unit of illumination intensity, which is generally expressed by Lx.

3, glare

Road lighting should strive to limit the range of uncomfortable glare to a certain extent. Generally expressed by the G value. In general, G = 7 (G = 1 will be unbearable, commonly known as light pollution).

4, visual induction

Let the driver immediately recognize the direction of the road at a certain distance, especially the direction of the road he wants to take.