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The Difference Between Energy-saving Lamps And LED Lights
- Nov 23, 2018 -

Energy saving comparison


LED power consumption is very low, generally the operating voltage of the LED is 2-3.6V. The operating current is 0.02-0.03A. This means that it consumes no more than 0.1W. The power consumption of LED lights is 1/4 of that of energy-saving lamps. Energy saving comparison


Heat dissipation comparison


From the heat dissipation comparison of the two lamps, the led lamp is inferior to the ordinary energy-saving lamps, the heat dissipation of the led lamp is not very good, and the heat dissipation of the ordinary energy-saving lamp is indeed good, which is the disadvantage of the led lamp. However, the current manufacturers are overcoming the defects of led, and the development of the radiator is also underway.


Health comparison


LED lamps do not contain harmful elements such as mercury and antimony, which are good for recycling and do not cause electromagnetic interference (normal lamps contain elements such as mercury and lead, and electronic ballasts in energy-saving lamps generate electromagnetic interference).


Life comparison


The service life of ordinary energy-saving lamps can reach 10,000 hours, and the LEDs have a longer service life than the ordinary energy-saving lamps, so the life of the LED lamps is longer than 100,000 hours. It will be much longer.