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LED Type Introduction
- Nov 23, 2018 -

There are many kinds of outdoor lighting LEDs, which are different in shape, color, brightness, power, etc. On the one hand, they bring more choices to consumers, but on the other hand, they increase the complexity of LED classification. For the classification of general LED applications, we summarize the following:


1. Outdoor landscape lighting


Guardrail lights, projection lights, LED lights, LED shaped lights, digital lights, buried lights, lawn lights, underwater lights, etc., the current market share of several billion yuan, the potential market has billions of yuan.


2, indoor lighting


Wall lamps, chandeliers, recessed lamps, spotlights, corner lights, flat illuminators, grille lights, fluorescent lamps, downlights, changing lights, etc., currently have a market share of more than one billion yuan, and the potential market has billions of yuan.


3, special lighting


Portable lighting (flashlights, headlights), low-illumination lamps (lanner lights, house lights, court lights), reading lights, microscope lights, projection lights, camera flashes, table lamps, street lamps, etc., the existing market share is several billion yuan The potential market has several tens of billions of yuan.


4, safety lighting


Miner's lamp, explosion-proof lamp, emergency light, safety indicator light, etc., the existing market share of several hundred million yuan, the potential market has several billion yuan.


5, special lighting


Military lighting, medical non-thermal radiant lighting, treatment lamps, germicidal lamps, special lamps for crops and flowers, bio-specific lamps, special LED lamps combined with solar photovoltaic cells, etc., currently have a small market share, but have great significance. And the importance of the potential market is tens of billions of yuan.