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LED Lighting To Go Into The Future Home Lighting Is Inevitable
- Jan 29, 2018 -

The LED for indoor lighting, you can adjust the lighting light source so that indoor light with the morning, noon, night time changes, so that indoor light environment close to the moon, stars, the sun and other natural daylight. At present, semiconductor lighting has begun to fully enter the home lighting, from the most simple festive decorative lights, to desktop lighting lamps, chandeliers, porch lights and courtyard lights, especially with solar cells, has become a modern living environment of bright spots, to beautify and improve the quality of life.

The development speed of semiconductor illumination is basically 18 month luminous efficiency increases 50%, the cost drops 1 time times. From the United States of the semiconductor Lighting Program Roadmap can be known in 2007, White light led gradually into the general lighting market. By 2010, some white LED will replace the fluorescent lamp, into the main market including home lighting. China in the semiconductor lighting application market has surpassed the United States, I believe that in 2010 years will occupy a larger market share in home lighting.

Indoor lighting requirements for light sources are: to ensure that work, learning, living environment to achieve a comfortable illuminance standards and good lighting quality, objectively show the object's intensity and color, to obtain a direct view of the human eye outside the real effect of the scene. In the high luminous efficiency, enough brightness, there should be close to natural light color and high colour rendering index. At present, the main problem in the interior of semiconductor lighting is that the light efficiency needs to be improved; the second is the color temperature, the current use of blue light excitation yellow phosphor synthesis of white LED color temperature is relatively cold; the third is the color index, the color coefficient of the ideal solar spectrum is still a gap; four is the life, the actual life is affected by many factors, Distance theory 100,000 hours of life is still relatively far; five is power, low power, can not meet the needs of indoor lighting. Led into the interior lighting is the semiconductor lighting into the general lighting market, the most important milestone, the technical problems faced are also the most prominent, this needs to continue to develop from the following aspects. First of all, improve the quality of chip epitaxy, improve the internal quantum efficiency and luminous efficiency, increase the life of LED; Secondly, improve the LED packaging technology, improve the efficiency of light, and solve the high-power led cooling problem; Again, large-scale production, reduce led production costs; Develop new technologies to improve led color-rendering coefficients.

From the current technology development at home and abroad, led into tens of thousands of indoor lighting is an inevitable process. Reasonable and effective government organizations, coupled with our relevant scientific research capabilities and Enterprise Foundation, we are fully confident to achieve this goal. Home Lighting If the universal use of LED lighting hardware | Tools, the market will be very large. The next 35 years is an important development period, semiconductor lighting in the field of general lighting will be springing up. With the development of new technology of upstream chip and the expansion of supplier MOCVD extension furnace capacity, the production cost of LED unit will be greatly reduced, thus removing the maximum cost obstacle of LED into ordinary illumination.