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LED Floodlight Products Present And Future
- Jan 29, 2018 -

With the rapid development of the past decade, has been known as the "High-tech" noun led floodlight lighting products have flown into the common People's home. LED market penetration has increased year by year, led manufacturers research and development of new product positioning focused on LED floodlight products. LED as a new technology to drive its relevance of a variety of technology development, at the same time in the development of a variety of unexpected. LED industry focus from technology into today's price, confirmed a sentence: cheap, no technology, lighting enterprises are looking for a way out.

The popularization of LED lighting technology and its low energy consumption, is regarded as ideal alternative to energy-intensive traditional lamp products. Plus its rich color, is widely used in home lighting, commercial lighting, landscape lighting, large-scale building lighting and so on. With the continuous improvement of LED light effect, heat dissipation technology, the development of driving technology, the last two years began in the indoor and outdoor LED floodlight lighting.

Indoor products and people live closer to the market potential is huge. The main domestic market is LED lamp, LED light bulb, LED light, led floodlight, such as light. In the face of "meager profit era", LED lighting enterprises either become the industry's "adopt sheep", will be a market segment bigger and stronger, or can only be integrated mergers or acquisitions or are close to collapse. No one lighting enterprise can let all kinds of other product line full bloom, is always a single product to break through the only slogan.

LED as a need for a variety of knowledge products, design is a product and the soul of the enterprise, so grasp the LED floodlight product design trend, rather than relying on low-cost marketing, regardless of the quality of the market strategy. So to find out the advantages of their own enterprises, head-on confrontation with competition, survive in society, good products, good channels, good service, good cost, good scale, good advantage, good everything to meet the enemy, since there is no retreat, rather than sit on the battlefield, rather than die.