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Is LED Street Light Energy Saving Or Pollution?
- Dec 29, 2018 -

LED luminaires generally use precise light distribution. Wherever there is light, there is no need for light. Therefore, the light of the general LED street light is irradiated on the road surface, while the traditional light source sodium light is scattered everywhere, and the wasted light will eventually become light pollution. At present, urban lighting lamps have a large amount of sodium yellow light. This kind of light penetration is strong, coupled with the city's flashing commercial neon lights and crane tower glare, forming a nighttime light pollution in the city. The impact of this on astronomical observations is basically devastating, so it is difficult for us to see a clean starry sky. In general, the use of high-quality LED lighting can reduce the light pollution of the city at night to a certain extent.

With the accelerated pace of replacing LED street lights in cities around the world, the main cause of nighttime light pollution will be a large number of high-pressure sodium lamps, and the government planning and management of urban nighttime lighting is increasingly standardized. I believe that nighttime urban light pollution will be obvious improve.