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How To Choose A Cost-effective Led Light?
- Dec 01, 2018 -

First look at the brightness, the main parameter is the luminous flux, the unit is lumens, the higher the brightness, the higher the price. LEDs for LED luminaires shall comply with the laser class I standard.

Second, look at the antistatic ability. Generally, LEDs with antistatic greater than 700V can be used for LED lamps.

Third, look at the leakage current, the greater the leakage current, the light decay of the led lamps, the shorter the life, the lower the cost price and the lower the price.

Four look at the wavelength consistency, the wavelength of the same LED, the color is consistent, the color is pure, the more consistent the higher the price.

Five look at the angle of illumination, the special angle of illumination, the price is higher, this parameter needs to be selected according to different usage requirements. Six look at life, the comprehensive performance parameters of led lamps, it goes without saying that the longer the life expectancy, the higher the price, the main manifestation of which is light decay.