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How To Buy Lamps Correctly
- Dec 15, 2018 -

1. The effect of light intensity on human vision.

    When the environment is bright and strong, there is a key factor besides seeing things clear. Just like a dark shop with a brightly lit shop, you are the customer and you will enter which one.

2. Soft light, giving space comfort.

    Most home lighting options use soft light such as yellow light and warm white to give the home a warm feeling.

3. Appropriate reflective control.

    Appropriate reflective control, combined with home design features, enhance each other to enhance the light.

4. Control of brightness.

   Now we are launching a fully intelligent lighting control technology that intelligently controls the intensity of the light to the level of satisfaction.

5. Distribution of lamps.

   To combine the spatial structure of the site environment, and to achieve the ideal lighting, you can find professional interior design to help design.