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Four Development Directions Of LED Floodlight
- Jan 29, 2018 -

One, the world LED Floodlight Lights short-based Shopping Mall

At this stage, many led chip manufacturers are trying to add aigalnp side of the red led to complete the high performance color, compared to Yu Languang led hybrid fluorescent powder of the warm white light scheme color of up to 82%, mixed red LED warm white color performance can be as high as 90%, so will become the mainstream market.

Second, led indoor lighting by the policy support

From the availability of LED capacity skills cooperation, our country has put forward a reduced tax rate, accelerated depreciation of equipment and free land and other preferential measures. The program is equivalent to encouraging the existing led manufacturers to expand production capacity, which will also lead to many new competitors present. From China's Taiwan and Korea's led manufacturers are also actively entering China's mainland shopping malls, to promote capacity to add factors.

Third, the breakdown of the market in the terminal

LED floodlight manufacturers analysis that the current domestic led company is encouraged by the government, after the Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo, Guangzhou Asian Games, Shenzhen Universiade and the "Ten cities million" and so on have been rapid development. And then LED lighting as a new energy-saving light source, swiftly by the consumer identity, into the ordinary people's home, the bottleneck is to break the commodity categories, standards, quotes, brands, promotional forms, the way to build.

Four, to build a well-known brand will be the company to carry out the kingly

In recent years, whether in the domestic market is still in the overseas shopping malls, China's LED products for foreign production companies have a strong deterrent, but this deterrent force comes first from the price of goods, ultra-low quotations coupled with outstanding quality of goods once led to the western developed countries fear. However, from the Global Industrial environment analysis, China's led companies such a cost competitive advantage base is not worth boasting, because this advantage is basically our country this special production environment given, rather than the real sense of the company's single competitive power to improve.